2024 Northern Tier Teenage Powerlifting Championships Information

Date:                     Saturday August 3rd, 2024

Location:              Athens Area High School

                                401 W. Frederick St.,

                                Athens, PA 18810

Contest Divisions:  Equipped and Raw

Age Groups:       Youth (11-12)                      13-15                     16-17                     18-19

Weight Classes:  Males:  116, 130, 145, 163, 182, 205, 231, 264, and 264+

***NEW IPF       Females:  94, 103, 114, 125, 138, 152, 167, 185, and 185+


Awards:               –1st-3rd in each division/weight class/age group

-A Best Lifter (by formula) will be awarded in each division/age group

Team Awards:    –Equipped and Raw- 1st-3rd team   

 *Team awards subject to change based on team entrants*

Eligibility:           -All competitors must fall into one of the 4 age categories on the day of the competition

-Youth exhibition lifters (11-12) will be allowed, but not part of team scoring.  Placing TBD based on participation.

Rules:                    -The lifting will be performed and judged according to IPF Powerlifting rules.  Please see

https://www.powerlifting.sport/fileadmin/ipf/data/rules/technical-rules/english/IPF_Technical_Rules_Book_2024.pdf  (IPF Powerlifting rulebook).

Equipment:          -It is PREFERRED the lifters wear a one-piece lifting suit, (Singlet) while on the platform.  

EQUIPPED:  Lifters may wear single-ply supportive equipment that conforms to IPF Powerlifting rules.  Please see the IPF rulebook.

RAW:  Lifters may wear a belt, wrist wraps, and knee sleeves that conform to IPF rules.  Please see the IPF rulebook if you have questions.

Fees:                      $45/lifter, $60/team fee. 

Make all checks/money orders payable to “Athens Area High School G.R.I.P. Club

Schedule:              Saturday August 3rd, 2024 (subject to amendment):

8:00-9:30am—Weigh-ins, rack heights, and openers:  Coaches will be contacted about early weigh-ins and reporting opening attempts

                                9:30am—Rules Clinic, Team scorers must be declared

                                10:00am—Lifting Begins

Team Scoring:    Top 5 in each age group/weight class will score team points.  Scoring will be as follows:

10-7-5-3-1. If a class has only 4 lifters, then the scoring will be 7-5-3-1.  3 lifters:  5-3-1. 

2 lifters:  3-1.  1 lifter in the class, only 1 point will be awarded.  A team may only use 2 lifters in

any one class as point counters. 

**Teams can declare 10 lifters, with the top 8 scorers counting for team points**

***Point scorers do not need to be declared until 9:30am the morning of the meet***All entries must be postmarked by July 25th, 2024.  LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!


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