Pennsylvania High School States – May 5th

Open to the public, tickets are sold at the door.

Live scoring Link: Pennsylvania State High School Championships (PHSPA) (

Live stream Link:

This is our annual High School State Championship event, that for more than 20 years was hosted at Glen Mills High School in Concordville, Pennsylvania.

This year we are adding more technology to this event, using liftingcast live scoring, along with online referee lights. We plan to utilize equipment used at last year’s High School National Championships, with LED TVs, trusses and more.

Jim Thorpe looks forward to running a great event and hope you consider it this spring.

Date: Sunday May 5th, 2024

Contest Location: Jim Thorpe High School, 1 Olympian Way, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

Divisions: Youth (Middle School) – JV (9th& 10 Grade) – Varsity 11th & 12th Grade)

Weight Classes: 

Males (LBs): 116.75, 130, 145.5, 163, 182.75, 205, 231.25, 264.5, and 264.5+
Females (LBs): 94.75, 103.5, 114.5, 125.5, 138.75, 152, 167.5, 185, and 185+

Awards: 1st-3rd place

Pennsylvania High School State Championship Team Scoring

Top 3 in each division as follows:
Equipped & Raw Big School (6A)
Equipped & Raw Medium School (5A, 4A)
Equipped & Raw Small School (3A, 2A, 1A)

Team Fee listed in Fees – $60/team

Team Awards:

Top 3 in each division as follows:

Women’s Equipped & Raw Team Division – Top 3 Teams
Male Equipped & Raw Big School (6A)
Male Equipped & Raw Medium School (5A, 4A)
Male Equipped & Raw Small School (3A, 2A, 1A)

Team Fee listed in Fees – $60/team (male & female separate)

  • Male Scoring 9 Person Roster, 8 score. 2 of the 9 can be JV
  • Female Scoring 9 Person Roster, 8 score, No JV for Female

1st Place = 12 Pts
2nd Place = 10 Pts
3rd Place = 9 Pts
4th Place = 8 Pts
5th Place = 7 Pts
6th Place = 6 Pts
7th Place = 5 Pts
8th Place = 4 Pts
9th Place = 3 Pts
10th Place = 2 Pts

 *Team awards subject to change based on team entrants*

Weigh-In: Honor System. Please have High School Coach call for information.
Body Weights and starting attempts must be e-mailed or called in May 2nd, 2024

Entries are limited to 250 lifters.

Eligibility: All lifters must be eligible based on PIAA criteria the day of competition.

IPF Rules:

The lifting will be performed and judged according to IPF Powerlifting rules.  Please see (IPF Powerlifting rulebook).


  • Raw and Equipped lifting must comply with the specifications of the IPF rulebook. We are NOT requiring athletes to comply with IPF branding. If the equipment complies with the sizes and materials stated in the rulebook.
  • Not allowed belts: No velcro or padding. Max belt width of belt 10 CM, approximately 4 inches.
  • No velcro knee sleeves, no multipy knee sleeves.
  • T-shirts required in all lifts. 
  • All raw lifters must wear a singlet in all lifts. 
  • All equipped lifters must wear a singlet or single ply suit in compliance with IPF rules. 


Individual Entry – $55 (Includes Shirt)

Two Payment Options

  • By Mail: 
    • Print email receipt of entry and send by mail with check. (No Cash)
      • $55 [make checks payable to “Olympian Ironman Club”] includes meet t-shirt
      • Mail check to: John McGowan, Jim Thorpe High School, 1 Olympian Way, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
  • Online Payment:
    • Below pay By Credit Card ($5 surcharge) per entry

Please do not send cash.  Make all checks/money orders payable to “Olympian Ironman Club”


Sunday May 5th, 2024

9:00 AM – Lifting Begins

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Current Roster